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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  June 19, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> a sad sight at the inner harbor as the tall ship heads out of town after a spectacular way concelebration festivities. good afternoon, everyone.
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first, our big story -- baltimore's mayor and city council are at odds of the city budget last night. they discussed key measures, like the bottle tax and rolling billboards on fire trucks. but not everyone is on the same page. the council proved their point with a big statement. >> baltimore city council took a rare stand against the mayor last night, signaling its intention to go against a proposed budget. the mayor and council to agree on the city don't tax -- on the city bottle tax. city council also unanimously approved a bill to sell ad space on the side of fire trucks and medic units. sponsor pete wilson believes that will bring in enough money to prevent three fire trucks -- three fire companies from closing. >> it will keep this thing appeared >> the group, including firefighters, will decide how
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the rowling billboards will look. but the mayor is not confident that the program will bring in nine enough cash. >> -- bring in enough cash. >> but the mayor's priorities to not match up with the six councils. on monday, council members made it clear they are willing to attacker funding priorities if she ignores theirs. they voted to cut over $5 million from the mayor's proposed budget, including police department funding. >> that is not acceptable. you don't say, congratulations, you've done a good job and then recommend cutting the budget. that doesn't make sense. i will not jeopardize the safety of our city. >> these budget negotiations between the mayor and the city council are ongoing. >> also, the verbal battle over baltimore's phone system is
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heating up. you may remember last week city comptroller accused the mayor of spending $659,000 on new phones and equipment without going through the cities bidding process. the mayor's office says that nobody was needed because the purchases were made under an existing contract. monday, the two sides spoke publicly about the issue. >> i did know that the mayor was trying to take over the duties and responsibilities of the municipal telephone exchange. the mayor offered me real-estate positions in exchange for the department of communications and i told a it was an insult. >> i am deeply disappointed with the false allegations of the comptroller and i look forward to receiving an apology. the allegations and guarded been determined to be without legal or factual merit. and i welcome this or any review of the inspector general because i know that they are untrue.
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>> sheehan the mayor were scheduled to meet monday afternoon, but she says the mayor's office canceled that meeting. another warning from city police about the dangers of craigslist. city police say that, saturday afternoon, a person went to west baltimore thinking there were going to buy a car posted on the web site. the victim saw the vehicle, but the two men inside said they knew nothing about the sale. during the confusion, the victim was robbed of $4,500 intended for purchasing the car. the robbers are still left large. and some breaking information. a suspected cannibal in harford county. they have been dead a 21-year- old alexander can walkinua. a judge has ordered him to
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undergo psychiatric evaluation. anne arundel fire confirms that it bottle was discovered in pasadena sunday night. it had exploded, but no one was prepared police have no suspect. -- but no one was hurt. police have no suspect. >> the ship is starting to leave the baltimore harbor. it is a lot more humid out there, but at least they have dry weather now. you feel the humidity creeping in. the clouds are still in place. there are a couple of sprinkles south of baltimore. maybe that is what they will encounter in the afternoon. if anything, may be an isolated shower, possibly in a thunderstorm.
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temperatures are heating up. the humidity is rising as well. we expect to be in the 80's later this afternoon. even hotter than that in the seven-day coming up. >> the week-long celebration comes to a close sadly as the tall ships and navy vessels had out of the inner harbor and back to their native lands. rob has been watching this all week. >> it has been a fantastic week. it is a beautiful sight to see these vessels today. but it is a very sad day because it has been such a great week. the pride of baltimore ii is leaving the port and leading the tall ships out of baltimore. at fort mchenry, people are lined up to say goodbye. it really touches you. the cannons are firing, saluting the tall ships. the first tall ship to go out is
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the ship from mexico. how impressive is that metal band. especially the crew aboard -- how impressive has that krugerrand. especially the crew aboard. standing at attention and sailing out today, it was the same way. and the sailors were on the deck waving goodbye when you would wave to them. so it has been a spectacular week. it has been an unbelievable week. and it has been a visit that most of us who call baltimore home will never forget and a week that we're so proud of. but, i guess like everything, it does have to wend. boy, it has been fine. and it is a beautiful sight seeing these vessels sailing on a baltimore. -- sailing out of baltimore. >> a beautiful sight indeed. still ahead, new concerns surrounding the safety of
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certain toyota vehicles. the fire risk and why did the government is investigating. but first, it is day two of the g 20 summit. with the world leaders took to accomplish today. and answering your plant and gardening questions, you can e- mail your qu
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>> today is day two of the g 20 summit in mexico. it is a meeting between the president and vladimir putin is making headlines. appearing at a meeting monday, their demeanor was cold. later in the day, they exchanged a quick laugh for the cameras. in the meantime, the defense in the jerry sandusky truckled more witnesses this morning. but still no word on whether -- in the jerry sandusky trial had more witnesses this morning. but still no word on whether he will take the stand. >> will sandusky take the stand in his own defense? by law, he doesn't have to say a word. how will the defense to explain away the testimony of eight alleged victims and one witness who accused him of molesting 10
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children over a decade and a half. the defense filed through 12 witness's testimony in this morning session. 10 of them spoke of sandusky's character and charitable efforts. has said several other witnesses. but none of those refused the claims by sandusky's accusers. >> we have his autobiography, the letters he has written, there is too much impeachment on the stand. >> it is now or never for sandusky to take the stand. the prosecution will have a chance to call rebuttal witnesses tomorrow afternoon. right now, closing arguments are expected thursday morning. >> still to come, details on the federal government's expanded investigation of certain toyota vehicles. + new health concerns for obese people return to a periodic
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surgery. experts are concerned -- new health concerns for obese people who turn to beriatric surgery. experts are concerned about their alcohol intake. >> it is currently 78 degrees. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less? upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for a year with no annual contract. or choose a two-year contract and get $200 back and a two-year price guarantee. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet. and now, it's faster than ever. you get speed you can count on... even when everyone at home is online at the same time. plus, the best tv picture quality.
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>> in today's consumer alert, the federal government is expanding its investigation into possible fire risks for some to of the vehicles. the national highway and
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traffic safety administration covers nearly one but 5 million vehicles, including the camera, camera hybrid, rav 4, yaris, and the calendar hybrid. they have received 32 complaints of electrical fires that appeared to come from a switch. a recent study of the nation's largest insurance companies reveals why there are variations for similar drivers in the same city. the same hypothetical chicago woman ranges from $680 a year for one company to $1,800 for another company. consumer federation of america found similar differences for men. a range of 603 $7 a year to $1,500 a year. >> good afternoon. the radar is pretty quiet right now.
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a couple of doubt start here -- a couple of thoughts out here. maybe this afternoon, you will see a sprinkle. may be an isolated thunderstorms. that is all we're expecting this afternoon. looking at the current temperature is right now, it is 77 degrees at bwi target marshall. most of the daytime heating will take place between now and 6:00 p.m. the dewpoint temperatures in the 60's. that is when it feels sticky. it is 66 at the airport and 65 at the inner harbor. the humidity will keep increasing for the next couple of days. the forecast today, it is feeling warmer with more humidity. we cannot rule out the isolated showers or thunderstorms. most areas are dry with clouds and son. ewing is not a big issue.
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if you are out on the day today, it will be variable. shouldn't encounter any problems out there, the way is about 1 foot high. let's take a look at what happens tonight. partly cloudy skies. maybe that shower or thunderstorm. although the map, we are dry with light wind. we dropped down to the 70's downtown and 60 degrees as we head into the western suburb. we see a stationary front positioned just down to our south and to our west as well. we could maybe see some isolated activity later today. a cold front will eventually swing through later in the week. that could bring more thunderstorms later near friday. but for now, the heat will be moving in. we can all we see how hot it is paired 86 degrees right now in kansas city, 89 degrees in chicago. you can believe those warm temperatures are headed their way. you will feel the heat in the seven-day. tomorrow is the first official
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day of summer. it may not feel like that right now. a lot of high pressure will build them. it will stick with us until most of thursday. thunderstorms could roll through on thursday night as the front comes through. that will drop our temperatures just a bit into this next weekend. >> look who is here. john perdue from the valley view farms to answer your gardening questions. you brought a beautiful selvia. >> that is true. it is a black and blue. it can be a perennial. it is a great hummingbird a tractor. it is one of the few flowers that has a blue below. >> is it easy to care for? >> a very easy. >> we have won about jalapeno
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plans. what could be eating the leaves off of my jalapeno plants? >> this time of year, there are any number of insects that could be attacking any of the gardening plants. the winter has left a lot of insects out and the populations will be very high this year. right now, the best thing to do is to treat it with some seven dust or some insecticide that you can use on your vegetables. >> a little hard to pinpoint. >> yes. >> this one is about deer pen had white keep deer from destroying my yard? >> we get that one all the time. the only thing to do to keep them out totally is to fence the area with at least a six-foot high fence and everybody cannot do that. so we have a lot of products that are considered deer repellent. using them at least once a week is also good to alternate the ones that you use sobe dear denied they used to the same product -- so the deer do not
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get used to the same product. >> where the best bets the bulls to grow in pods? >> the best would be tomatoes coming plant, -- what are the best plants to grow in parts? >> the best would be tomatoes, eggplant, many of those. >> thank you. if you have a plant or gardening question, you can e-mail us as well or send pictures. in today's medical alert, people who undergo weight-loss surgery could have an increased
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risk of alcohol abuse. they were surveyed on their alcohol use before and after the procedure. the found cases of alcohol abuse went up 2% after surgery pick it may not seem a big number, but it is equivalent to 2000 more people with alcohol abuse issues in the u.s. per year. researchers at the monal chemical suppressant center. researchers exposed the study participants to concentrated forms of red hot chili peppers. of the sugar water in the menthol -- both the sugar water and the menthol helped better than just water. we will check the install weatherplus forecast.
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first, let's look at how wall street is performing at this hour.
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[ male announcer ] new icy hot arthritis lotion. powerful encapsulated menthol gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. power past pain. >> a fan is lucky he didn't end up with an injury. the ball has for the stands and lance inside a fans cup. look at how excited he is -- and
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winlands inside a fans cup. luckett have excited he is. police to investigate another case of a household object turned into an explosive. in just about half an hour, the maryland racing commission to change the history books when it comes to a triple crown winner secretariat. find out if they will change the time of the horses winning run from som1973. and where to expected the highest number of travelers this summer. and now you're maryland bodlott. >> good afternoon, maryland. york picked three numbers are, seven, seven and zero.
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7, 7, 0. first, the top prize is on through july 31. play any to dollars scratch off in the maryland lottery and that number will be doubled. your pick for numbers are one, three, nine as printed on the ball, and for. that is one, three, nine, four. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> we saw those pictures. it is a little cloudy out there today. >> maybe a little sprinkles out there. it will be 90 degrees tomorrow and 96 degrees on thursday.
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sticky with the humidity as well until we cooled down with the weekend appeared >> thank you weekend appeared >> thank you for joining
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